• Sacrifice

    I find myself often in life mentoring teenagers as they struggle with university and high school. These are men who feel alien in the society they live in. Feel like […]

  • Self-Love and Sexual Variance and Writing

    So, let’s begin with my uncovering of my sexual variances. Let’s begin with that. Or let’s begin with my struggle with the notion of acceptance. That is a hearty topic […]

  • Transition

    I am finding when I read a bit of a lack of interest when I read. I am having a hard time discovering that which interests me in the books […]

  • Change

    It must all begin with a young adult on a subway car in Japan reading “Full Metal Alchemist”. This book is a manga and as such has many books which […]

  • Introduction to High School Romance

    Well, it’s been a long time coming. The book is out. A book that took…who cares how many years it takes. I am here in my friend’s backyard and I […]