“Debut author Hefner alternates from aggressiveness to vulnerable displays of emotion in this striking flash fiction exploration of romantic relationships, often with illicit or taboo dynamics.” – PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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“Marston Hefner’s High School Romance is a resounding answer to a pervasive ennui. Contemplative reverie and tactility of thought, that interiority scooped gleefully inside out is his lovesick signature, his lyrical sense of daring, giving passage to a raging river of intrusive thoughts, obsessive preoccupations, shattering stream of consciousness memories. A gloriously voluptuous vision, an unbearably hilarious anti-book, a marker as Hefner is an unlikely forerunner in a new kind of confessional.”

Manuel Marrero, Expat Press

“Marston Hefner strums the language in tunings all his own. His sentences dare themselves forward and backward into eddies of the purest impurities. No one writes more thunderstrikingly of filiality gone berserk. High School Romance is the debut of a vital and long overdue new voice.”

Garielle Lutz, author of Worsted

“Marston has a singular voice cleaved from concentration like the knuckled work of a monk. You will learn about yourself as you delve into these stories.”

Elle Nash, author of Nudes, Animals Eat Each Other & Gag Reflex


MARSTON HEFNER continues the legacy Hugh Hefner left him, exploring sexual taboos, finding radical self-love in humanity’s darkest unconscious desires. He is the editor and founder of Young Magazine, a professional backgammon player, and has published work in New York Tyrant. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he enjoys staying in, playing videogames, and reading.